The Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Chaozhou City lead a team to visit the Canton Fair enterprises

The Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Chaozhou City, Liu Sheng, led a delegation to the exhibition hall of the 134th Canton Fair in order to investigate and research the participation of Chaozhou enterprises in the second phase of the fair. During his visit, Liu Sheng emphasized the significance of the Canton Fair as an important window for China’s foreign trade and as a crucial platform for enterprises to seize opportunities, expand their markets, and enhance their visibility. He stressed the need for enterprises to seize development opportunities, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, and to leverage the Canton Fair to deeply integrate into the international economic and trade system at a higher level.
As a leading enterprise in Chaozhou’s craft ceramics industry, Jiwei Ceramics had a cordial conversation with Mayor Liu Sheng at the exhibition hall. We introduced our newly developed distinctive products and discussed the achievements and cooperation outcomes we have gained from participating in the fair. We actively promoted and showcased our products, aiming to further expand our brand influence and enhance our market share.
Jiwei Ceramics, as a pioneering company in Chaozhou’s craft ceramics industry, has been dedicated to the development and production of exquisite ceramic products. Our products are deeply rooted in Chaozhou’s traditional ceramic craftsmanship, while also embracing modern techniques and designs. With our strong research and development capabilities, we continuously introduce innovative and unique products to the market.
During the conversation with Mayor Liu Sheng, we proudly presented our latest line of products, which have received positive feedback and recognition from customers both at home and abroad. These products showcase the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, attracting a wide range of visitors at the fair. In addition, we shared the fruitful results of our transactions and cooperation with customers, which have further strengthened our reputation and influence in the industry.
With the support of the Chaozhou City government and the platform provided by the Canton Fair, Jiwei Ceramics has achieved remarkable progress in expanding our market size and improving our brand image. We will continue to actively participate in various exhibitions and trade shows to promote our products and explore new business opportunities. Furthermore, we will consistently invest in research and development, constantly striving to bring more innovative and high-quality products to our valued customers.
In conclusion, Mayor Liu Sheng’s visit to the Canton Fair exhibition hall not only demonstrated the government’s attention and support to the development of enterprises, but also provided an opportunity for Chaozhou enterprises, like Jiwei Ceramics, to showcase their products and achievements. This visit further highlighted the importance of actively participating in international trade platforms and seizing opportunities for development. Jiwei Ceramics will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship, contributing to the overall development of Chaozhou’s craft ceramics industry and the international economic and trade system.

Post time: Nov-29-2023