Long Time No See for the Canton Fair-133rd

It is with excitement and great joy that the 133rd Canton Fair was re-held after a long hiatus of three years. The fair had been suspended offline due to the COVID-19 that swept across the globe. The resumption of this remarkable event allowed us to reconnect with many new and old customers, making it a truly remarkable experience.

First of all, we are very excited want to thanks for all the leaders, old and new customers and friends from all over the world to visited our booth during the exhibition. Really long time no see. "Long time no see" resonated with everyone attending the fair. The hiatus had left us all longing for the vibrant atmosphere, bustling crowds, and the opportunity to showcase our products to a global audience. There was an undeniable sense of excitement in the air as we finally got the chance to reunite with our customers, who were just as eager to explore the offerings we had in store.
The impact of the pandemic had been profound, but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participants. As we set foot on the fairgrounds, we were greeted by an extraordinary sight. The beautifully decorated booths, the vibrant colors, and the fervent discussions happening at every corner reminded us all that we were finally back in the business.

At this Canton Fair, we exhibition the products all new developed and designed by our design team. Attracting buyers from many countries and regions at home and abroad to visit and negotiate. As the design and ideas of the new products are in line with the market demand and customer expectations, which are favored by customers and widely praised by attendees. With this fair, our company has expanded brand awareness, accumulated valuable market information.

During this Fair, we received the achievement as we expected. More than 40 inquiries from at home and abroad. Also have received quite a few intended orders from old and new customers.

Through this exhibition, we talk and take a great greet to each other.it like the old friends which long time no see. And study the new trend from our customers which they want at home and abroad. It will give us new inspiration to prepare the next Canton Fair.


Post time: Jun-15-2023