Newest Exquisite Design Hot Selling Garden Ceramic Stool

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Our newest series of ceramic stools, which are divided into two unique groups of products. The first group features ceramic stools made of metal glaze, exuding a classical and nostalgic style. The second group consists of ceramic stools with reactive glaze, breaking through traditional single-color glaze and bringing innovation and breakthroughs to ceramic technology, thereby opening up a new realm for the aesthetics of ceramic technology.

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Product Detail

Item Name Newest Exquisite Design Hot Selling Garden Ceramic Stool
SIZE JW230470:33.5*33.5*44CM
Brand Name JIWEI Ceramic
Color Brass, blue, orange or customized
Glaze Metal glaze, reactive glaze
Raw Material Ceramics/Stoneware
Technology Molding, bisque firing, handmade glazing, glost firing
Usage Home and garden decoration
Packing Usually brown box, or customized color box, display box, gift box, mail box…
Style Home & Garden
Payment term T/T, L/C…
Delivery time After received deposit about 45-60 days
Port Shenzhen, Shantou
Sample days 10-15 days
Our advantages 1: Best quality with competitive price
2: OEM and ODM are available

Product Features

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Our ceramic stools made of metal glaze offer a timeless appeal. The combination of metal and glazed ceramic creates a stunning contrast, making these stools a perfect addition to any space.

The classic design and nostalgic feel they exude bring a sense of sophistication and elegance, making them highly sought-after by those who appreciate vintage aesthetics. These metal glaze stools are not only functional but also serve as exquisite pieces of art that can elevate the overall ambiance of any room.

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On the other hand, our ceramic stools with reactive glaze showcase a remarkable advancement in ceramic technology. Unlike the traditional single-color glaze, these stools come with a reactive glaze that takes ceramics to a new level. This innovative glazing technique makes each stool truly one-of-a-kind, with colors and patterns that shift and change in the kiln. The result is a mesmerizing interplay of shades and textures, creating a visual masterpiece that will captivate anyone's attention. This breakthrough in ceramic technology represents a milestone in the industry and opens up endless possibilities for creative expression.

Both groups of products in this series have unique features that set them apart from other ceramic stools. The metal glaze stools embody a vintage charm that appeals to those who appreciate classic design elements. The reactive glaze stools, on the other hand, not only break through the boundaries of traditional ceramic glazing but also offer an exceptional visual experience that has never been seen before. These stools are a testament to the boundless creativity of our craftsmen and a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of ceramic technology.

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Newest Exquisite Design Hot Selling Garden Ceramic Stool (5)

In addition to their exquisite design and innovative glazing techniques, our ceramic stools also offer excellent functionality. They are sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding daily use. Whether used as seating or as decorative pieces, these stools enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any space. Their versatility allows them to be placed in various settings such as living rooms, bedrooms, or even outdoor patios, providing a touch of elegance and sophistication wherever they are placed.

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